The Ultimate Guide to Reseller Hosting for You

Web hosting looks complicated for beginners, but more so on the service provider side. So, how can you provide hosting services with little infrastructure investment? That is where reselling hosting services bridges the demand gap. In this guide, we explain reseller hosting to the core so that you can be among successful resellers, too.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a business where you buy fragments of hosting wholesale from one whole supplier and then sell it to consumers bearing your brand name. It is just like purchasing goods at a low cost from a wholesaler and, after that, retailing them. A parent hosting firm is the enterprise licensed to retail out disk space, bandwidth, and cPanel web hosting infrastructure if the Linux operating system is installed on your server and various other resources. Then, resellers have to rebrand these web hosting plans accordingly.

This removes the necessity for anybody to either manage physical servers,ke care of server maintenance issues or worry over the scalability of their web hosting service, thus making it an affordable starting point for those wishing to venture into it, such as entrepreneurs. These web designers’ agencies, among others, would like to include money-making activities in their line of products.

How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

Here’s a simplified breakdown of the reseller hosting workflow:

Purchase a Reseller Hosting Plan: Purchase a reseller plan from a hosting provider like MilesWeb. They offer a resource package with cPanel and WHM to make client management tasks easier.

  • Create Hosting Packages: Use these resources to configure customized web hosting packages for the target audience. These packages vary in storage space, bandwidth allocation, email accounts and other features.
  • Set Your Prices: Establish your pricing model based on the market that you are targeting, the amount of profits, and the competition analysis. Always remember to account for the cost of your reseller program whenever you want to set prices.
  • Sell Hosting Services: Let probable customers, including them, create a website, run targeted ads, or use your old network to market your hosting plans.
  • Manage Client Accounts: Managing hosting accounts for clients is a task you must do after gaining them. This part of your work might involve starting accounts, taking care of the invoices and providing technical assistance.

The primary advantage of reseller hosting is the control it gives you. It gives you the freedom to make your own brand name, set your own prices, and run your own client list in your own way.

Different Types of Reseller Hosting

There are several reseller hosting options available, each catering to specific needs. Here’s a breakdown of the most common types:

  • Traditional Reseller Hosting: This is the most basic form, where you purchase a fixed amount of server resources and allocate them to your clients. It’s cost-effective but offers limited scalability.
  • White-Label Reseller Hosting: This allows you to rebrand the hosting service under your own company name completely. The hosting provider’s logo and branding are entirely replaced with yours, creating a seamless customer experience.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

  • Low Investment: When you rent someone else’s servers, entry into the web hosting business does not require a lot of money, unlike when you decide to operate your servers.
  • Scalability: You can easily include more or fewer services as your business grows On cloud hosting reseller, which is a unique aspect of its scalability.
  • Recurring Revenue: Hosting is a subscription-based service, meaning you can generate recurring revenue from your client base.
  • Branding and Control: With MilesWeb’s 100% white-labelled reseller hosting services, resellers can customize web hosting packages.


Remember that the secret to success is to know who you are selling to and then create the most suitable hosting services. Good business customer care services and strategic thinking make reseller hosting a promising business that can bring good returns. Therefore, are you willing to try? Look no further than MilesWeb for your one-stop shop to become a successful reseller host. They offer feature-rich reseller plans with:

  • Customization: Brand your packages and set your prices for maximum control.
  • Top-Tier Technology: Reliable infrastructure with server locations worldwide ensures smooth sailing for your clients.
  • Unmatched Support: MilesWeb’s dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you and your clients.

Don’t procrastinate! Visit MilesWeb and delve into their reseller hosting packages. They’ve got a 30-day refund policy, which means you can experiment without worrying.