What does ISO mean on Facebook

In this era of digital communication Facebook has become an important tool to communicate with people worldwide. It also provides a platform for small as well as big enterprises. Such enterprises can use the Facebook platform to advertise their products and profit better. However, sometimes it can be time-consuming to type big words so you can use an abbreviated form of such words.

There are a lot of slang words that can be used on Facebook to save time and energy, ISO is also one of them. Many Facebook users might not be familiar with this word.  This article is going to be very helpful for such people. In this article, we will discuss what ISO means and what is the usage of this word. So, don’t waste our more let’s learn more about this term. 

What does ISO Mean on Facebook? 

ISO has different interpretations depending on the context. On Facebook, ISO stands for ‘In search of’ which indicates that someone is looking for something. It is better to write ISO on Facebook posts or messages rather than writing in search of it. 

It is used to put out a request for a specific product/service or invite other people to make an offer if they have something to sell on social media platforms. In this way, ISO will attract more people and enhance your engagement with people. This term can be used by both buyers as well as sellers. So, various enterprises can use this term to develop marketing strategies effectively

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What are Other Acronyms Used on the Facebook Platform? 

Some slang words can be used on the Facebook platform for texting or posting. In this section of our article, we will discuss the most commonly used slang words on Facebook. 

Dope:- awesome or cool! 

NBD:- No big deal.

BTW:- By the way

FYI:- For your information

FTW:- For the win

DM:- Direct message

SEM:- Search engine marketing

TOS:- Terms of service

LTB:- looking to buy.

What are Other Usage of ISO Terms Besides Facebook? 

ISO has many famous usage on the internet such as:- 

ISO:- Isolation

ISO:- Isolated power

ISO:- In support of

ISO:- instead of 

ISO:- I’m still online

ISO:- Interactive support online.

ISO:- In seeking other.

Why We Should Use Abbreviations on Social Media Platforms? 

Typing text messages on social media may be time-consuming and sometimes there is a limit of words, so it is very difficult to communicate with others in limited words. In such a situation, these abbreviations can be extremely helpful for you. You can use common abbreviated words to express your feelings on social media platforms. It will save you time and energy. Also, it makes your message more impressive and informative. 

What are The Other Meanings of ISO? 

As we have discussed earlier, ISO has different meanings depending on the context. Let’s look at some other meanings of the ISO term. 

The International Organizationtion for Standardization (ISO) is an independent non-governmental global organization that sets the standards for various companies across the world. 

ISO represents the national standards that work together to promote and develop global standards for new tech-based test methods. 


  • ISO of red saree for fresher party. Any clue on where I can purchase it? ( Here, the person is looking for a saree for a fresher party and hence they are asking for suggestions regarding any place where they can buy it at a fair price)
  • “I just lost my phone! ISO inexpensive, second-hand phone. ( Here a person has lost his phone and looking for a second-hand phone at a cheap price so he is asking people for any clue where he can get such a phone)
  • ISO second-hand car in good condition. (Here, a person is  looking for a car but it must be in good condition) 
  •  The ISO of a good friend has good communication skills. Do you have any contacts?

What are Some Benefits of Using ISO on Facebook? 

  • You can increase the visibility of your specific post by using ISO terms and it will be noticed easily on social media platforms also. 
  • The most important thing about using ISO on Facebook is that it provides a wider engagement with the audience so that you can find the best product for yourself. 
  • If you want to develop a marketing strategy on Facebook then ISO is the best tool for you. It will help you to find the right audience for the right product

Frequently Asked Auestions

What does TIA mean on Facebook?

If you want to say thank you to someone in advance then you can use the TIA acronym on Facebook. Generally, this term is used when someone wants to say thank you to people for what they will do in the future for them.

What is ISO in texting?

ISO is an acronym which means “in search of”. Generally, it is used on dating apps when someone is looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. The main purpose of using this term in texts is to make texting simpler, faster, and more convenient.

How do you post ISO on Facebook?

ISO term has a broad application on the Facebook platform. You can use this term in text messages or on any post. If anyone wants to post ISO on Facebook then he/she needs to follow these steps:- 

  •  Click on the Write a post button to create a new post on the Facebook homepage. 
  • Initiate your post with ISO, then use a description of the product and service. For example ISO second-hand iPhone in good condition. 
  • You can also use some keyboards to make your post more relevant so that people can find your post through Facebook’s search. 
  • You should also include some more details such as location, budget, etc. 
  • Add some photos to make your product more specific. It will enhance the chance of finding your post on Facebook. 
  • Now you can share your post on Facebook and get wider audience engagement. 


ISO  is the most widely used term on Facebook. You can use this term to buy, sell, or promote your products or services on Facebook. However, ISO has a wider application on the social media platform. By using this tool you can improve the visibility of your post and make it more relevant for the target audience. A better engagement with the audience is the best marketing strategy that can be developed by using this tool.

So, if you are looking for any tool that can provide relevant and reliable information to you then ISO is the best for you. We have tried our best to give you every little information about ISO on Facebook. But still, if you have any queries regarding how to use ISO or what ISO means on Facebook then you can contact us. We will be glad to solve your query. Thank you and have a nice day!